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WIC GROUP is the proud owner of an integrated network of recruitment platforms and associated services.  We are passionately dedicated to helping businesses improve their effectiveness, whilst making a positive contribution to local communities.  


WiC GROUP was founded in September 2011 with the launch of Jobs On The Coast™ - a niche local jobs website, initially focused on the NSW Central Coast region of Australia.  Over the years, with its unique and popular offering, Jobs On The Coast™ has enjoyed significant growth in multiple regional communities, across NSW and QLD.  

Regional Platforms

The employment ecosystem™ that all started on the NSW Central Coast with Jobs On The Coast™ has now evolved to become JobSkillsNetwork™ with the clear mission of 'Strengthening Local Employment Networks'. 

An Integrated Network of Services

JobSkillsNetwork™ has enjoyed success, being introduced to numerous communities, and will continue to expand throughout Australia and relevant international markets.  We help local businesses, local workers and local service-providers connect, network and forge fruitful relationships.  In so doing, we help strengthen the resilience and prosperity of the communities we serve.

Selectiv™ supports employers with the essential information they need to make informed hiring decisions. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, such as resume screening and skills & aptitude testing, employers can confidently select their ideal candidates from a strong shortlist of interview-ready applicants.

Our platforms and services operate in a complimentary manner, having organically evolved as successful commercial businesses, attracting private investment to ensure long-term sustainability and outcomes.  We are focused on delivering strong returns to our investors, whilst staunchly achieving our mission.


The WiC GROUP Mission:

To increase community wellness, through the facilitation of business and jobs growth, combining the personal touch with advancing technologies.