WiC Group is passionately dedicated to ensuring regional areas prosper.

As ambassadors for regional jobs, regional skills and regional business growth, we support you to achieve the regional advantage.

Regional Jobs and Skills Platforms

WiC Group owns and operates the Jobs In Central Queensland™ platform - a niche local jobs website dedicated to the Central Queensland region of Australia.  

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Integrated Network of Services

Having recently undergone a significant technology upgrade, we are re-launching our network of digital jobs and skills platforms, throughout QLD and NSW over the coming months.  


Our umbrella brand JobSkillsNetwork™, brings these dedicated regional platforms together, with the shared mission

of 'Strengthening Regional Skills Networks'.   

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JobSkillsNetwork™ helps regional businesses, regional workers and regional service-providers connect, network and forge fruitful relationships.  In so doing, we help strengthen the resilience and prosperity of the communities we serve.

Selectiv™ supports employers with the essential information they need to make informed hiring decisions. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, such as resume screening and skills & aptitude testing, employers can confidently select their ideal candidates from a strong shortlist of interview-ready applicants.


The WiC GROUP Mission:

To increase community wellness, through the facilitation of business and jobs growth, combining the personal touch with advancing technologies.